Testimonial from an IPS Safety Distributor


“Becoming an IPS Safety Inc distributor is one of the best steps I made in a business decision. I have been involved in other businesses that did not have any length to them and the ended in a few years or sooner. In specific; I was in Network marketing, Affiliate marketing, MLM groups and several others. I have looked of a solid legal business for years, which would have the longevity I was looking for. I was in my own sole proprietorship for sixteen years and I knew I needed a change due to my body having several injuries in my own business.

“I liked and loved working with people and solving challenges and issues they faced. I was able to take my talents and assets from my past business experience and apply them to the IPS Safety Inc business of helping seniors with their families, and caregivers but to different areas as well. I used these assets to my distributorship in starting with a smaller area and I was surprised by what happened. I was given a bigger area for my Distributorship and now I have 3 major cities and all the smaller towns in Alberta as part of a blessing from the Company.

“IPS Safety Inc has given me a longer brighter future to look forward to due to the baby boomers market which will be for several years to come. I also have been able to move forward and incorporate my own business due to becoming an Independent Distributor for IPS Safety Inc. This has given me even more leverage in the market by starting other referral groups with other professional businesses.

“I also want to add, the leadership in Robin Elliott and Ken Chahal has been absolutely unbelievable. With their business experience, I am truly amazed at how much these two business leaders have really helped me. I thought I knew business but with the Mentoring, Coaching, Leadership, their friendship, and guidance not only helped me in my distributorship but it has also helped me in my personal life as well. Both Robin and Ken have become close friends and the ones I turn to the most for any advice, they are there for me every time I need them. They are truly two men who practice what they preach and are absolutely honest business people who want to see the best in all. Their honesty leads them to integrity with trust and this is what I looked for in the beginning. They have not lead me astray in any way and are right on target with everything.

“For anyone looking for an opportunity, whether it is in business or as a Distributor or sales personnel for IPS Safety Inc with Robin Elliott and Ken Chahal it is the best decision you could make as I did.

“With sincere gratitude and appreciation for your vision of developing IPS Safety Inc and your brilliant leadership. I will be looking for many years and other Distributorships in Canada and the USA with this company.”

DJ Partners Limited.

Independent Distributor of IPS Safety Inc.

Southern Alberta.


Why We Started This Business



This was what we experienced and why we started this business.

My wife had knee problems. This led to medical help and a lot of exposure to what others were experiencing. Then she needed a hip replacement. She was in a wheelchair for two years before her surgery, following which she had to go through the long recovery. She fell on the pavement near the sidewalk and couldn’t get up, and a friendly passing motorist and his wife stopped and helped her.

Then a friend of my wife fell in her apartment and lay on the floor for two days before she was rescued by the Fire Department. Ten days in hospital followed; she would have died had she spent another day lying on the floor. And a neighbour of ours got dementia. Local Seniors wandered and two were never found.

We saw the devastating effects on our family members who literally wore themselves out caring for their aged parents. As we aged, we saw the dire need of help for Seniors and their Caregivers.

We are Seniors. Many of our friends are Seniors. We see the need, the fear, the frustration. Many Seniors and their families can’t afford ongoing home care or enough home care, or nursing homes, and even with home care and nursing homes, what happens when the home care leaves and Mom or Dad is alone at home? What happens when Mom or Dad are abused by Caregivers at home or in nursing homes, or you suspect abuse?

Seniors don’t just suffer from falls, dementia and Alzheimer’s and wandering, panic, worry, abuse and neglect; they are also lonely, often don’t have enough care or support or money, and they worry about their spouses and their futures. And many Caregivers are at the end of their ropes.

We saw the stress suffered by Caregivers, many of whom were sandwiched between their families at home and caring for their aging parents. Many of them suffered illness, depression, financial problems, and family and marriage problems at home as a result. The financial and time management pressures on Caregivers are enormous.

We realized that many of the products available to Caregivers for Seniors didn’t do what they were supposed to do, there was little or no support or help to set them up or to manage them, and many were being sold to vulnerable, desperate people who ended up sending them back or leaving them in a closet because they couldn’t get them to work, or when they realized that the response to an SOS message from Dad who had dementia was from a kid in a call centre in the Philippines.

So my business partner and I researched the market, the products available, the services available, and the best way to fill the gaps and needs between the Caregivers, the nursing homes, and the lonely hours. We found the best products and the best way to distribute our products and help the Seniors and Caregivers in the United States and Canada, and we tested the system and the products we provided with real Distributors and actual customers. It works. and we constantly adding new products and improving on our systems.

Our mission is to provide safety and security for Seniors and help and peace of mind for their Caregivers. In addition to that, we have created a business model that provides an income/business opportunity for anyone who genuinely shares our concerns and cares about Seniors and their Caregivers. The market is presently in excess of 70 million Seniors, growing by 10,000 per day, and the needs and problems of Seniors and their Caregivers are growing just as fast.

Visit our website and feel free to contact us should you have any questions.

Robin Elliott      IPS Safety Inc.

“When the winds of change blow, some people build walls, others build windmills.”

Master Distributor Opportunity for Manitoba and Saskatchewan

IPS Safety Inc. is considering applicants for a Master Distributor to cover both Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

The Total Population of these two provinces is approximately 2,475,000. There are over 70 million Seniors in Canada and the United States, increasing by 10,000 per day. Their access to professional caregivers and nursing homes is becoming more and more difficult due to rising prices and dwindling funds.

Adult children who are caregivers are under increasing financial, emotional, and time pressure. Every 10 minutes, a Senior is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia in Canada alone. If not found within 24 hours, 93% of those who wander as a result will suffer serious injury or death. Senior abuse is a problem in homes and in nursing homes. 30% of nursing homes in the US were cited for at least one instance of abuse in a two-year period and 40% of nursing home residents have reported abuse.

This means that there are increasing problems and challenges in this huge demographic, most of which are urgent. There is a specific and critical need for help.

Now Technology is advancing fast and offering solutions and relief to many of these problems. Most Caregivers will prefer to install these devices themselves if it is easy and there is help available, and so maintain personal control, for many good reasons.

Whereas many technical devices are available in big box stores and online, there is little or no support in most cases, and no help programming, setting up, or maintaining devices. We provide the technology along with telephone customer support how to use it and set it up.

Our mission is to provide safety, quality of life, and security to Seniors and relief, peace of mind, and savings for their caregivers.

Users of these devices require assistance and support on a regular basis, not just to set the equipment up. We provide it. Products are bought from our site and shipped direct. We provide the support.

How our solution works:

Our products are sold by Distributors and their salespeople who are local and who Joint Venture with other senior service providers. All sales, payments, shipping, warranties, licensing, insurance, and customer service is done by the company and all sales are made from our website and tracked via customer discount codes.

Our Salespeople and Distributors are focused solely on marketing and sales.

What Distributors get:

Your one-time investment gets you a real part of the company – your own territory – in which you can recruit salespeople and set up joint ventures with other Seniors’ service providers, as well as our custom networking clubs. We custom design your sales and marketing options and processes around your skills, resources, timetable, and
preferences. There is unlimited income potential.

All sales made anywhere in the US or Canada by the Distributor, their Joint Venture partners, and the salespeople in their territory, contribute to the Distributor’s income. The company pays Distributors and Salespeople a commission of 15% on their sales after the 5% Customer Discount.

Distributors receive 15% on their own sales as above, PLUS 50% of the profits from sales made by themselves, their Joint Venture Partners, and their salespeople.
Profit is calculated as follows: Sales Price, less 5% Customer Discount, less 15% sales commission, less cost of product = Profit.

IPS Safety Inc. Provides ongoing training, coaching, and mentoring of all Distributors and their salespeople and assistance to Distributors when recruiting salespeople and setting up their networking groups and Joint Ventures.

Costs to Distributor:

Apart from the initial investment, his advertising and marketing costs are to be decided by the Distributor.

ROI: Return on Investment:

Sales can be made directly from the company website via salespeople, direct sales, Joint Ventures, government funding, online advertising, radio and television advertising, print magazine advertising, and more.

On average, a Distributor who personally makes only 10 sales (only one product per sale) per day or has these sales made through his Joint Venture Partners (other Service/Product Providers to Seniors), government agencies, or Network Group partners will earn around $15,000 per month. These sales can be made anywhere in North America and include government grants.

Add to this the profits accumulated as a result of sales made by of the Distributor’s salespeople, and it is obvious that there is no limit to the potential income.

In addition, should a Distributor refer another Distributor outside of his own territory, he will receive 10% of that Distributor’s initial investment.

What the Future Holds:

Our branding is growing increasingly stronger as we are being recommended by more and more organizations that also serve Seniors and the more Distributors and Salespeople we have on the ground, the more exponential our growth. In addition, we are continually researching and sourcing new products.

The Executive Team:

Ken Chahal – Managing Director
Ken Chahal operated his own business since 1988 in the food manufacturing Industry For 7 years. He sold it and traveled extensively around the world for 4 years. After coming back from his extended holiday, he started Adxperts, an Outdoor Advertising Company manufacturing LED products and wide format Printing. This Company
has now been in operation for twenty years in Surrey BC. Ken has been involved in real estate investing for many years in Vancouver and Calgary. Ken’s main focus is now IPS Safety Inc.

Robin Elliott – Sales and Marketing Director
Robin Elliott became an entrepreneur in 1987, prior to which he was a sales executive and a Director of the Sales Trainers Association of South Africa, and he managed restaurants and hotels. Since 1987 Mr. Elliott has retired twice and trained and coached thousands of business owners in Canada, Africa, the United States, and Britain. He
has various qualifications, including Organization and Methods, and his strength and specialty lie the use of leverage and collaboration in sales and marketing. See LeverageAdvantage.com. He is the author of fifteen books. His main focus is now IPS Safety Inc.

For more information, please review IPSsafety.com and SmartBizOp.com, as well as our Blog and Facebook page. We are seeking Distributors across the United States and Canada.

Robin Elliott

Relief for the Caregivers of Seniors in the US and Canada


The Caregivers of Seniors – professionals as well as the adult children of Seniors – are experiencing unprecedented and increasing pressure on their time and resources. In Canada and the US, there are 70 million Seniors and growing by 10,000 per day. Every ten minutes, someone is diagnosed with Altzheimers or dementia in Canada alone.

The demands on Caregivers can be quite overwhelming, especially if you feel you’re in over your head or have limited time, money, and resources. Left unchecked, the stress of caregiving can take a toll on your health, relationships, and state of mind—eventually leading to burnout, illness, and depression.

Nursing Homes are becoming increasingly expensive and out of reach, fewer can afford Caregiver services, and an increasing amount of Seniors are struggling to find the money to pay for their expensive medication. And Senior Abuse is increasing exponentially.

Now technology is stepping in to relieve the pressure, and if you’re not adept at working with technology, we have that covered, too. But instead of data, let me give you a real-life example of one of the clients of IPS Safety Inc.:

Mavis is a busy wife, employee, and mother of three boisterous teenagers. Her Mom, Kathleen, is sixty-nine-year-old Senior with dementia and a new hip. Mavis pays a Caregiver to look in on Kathleen twice weekly. The previous Caregiver was suspected of bullying Kathleen, so she was let go. Mavis is run ragged communicating with the Caregiver and visiting her mom. She is sandwiched between her job, husband, and kids, and Mom.

After talking with IPS Safety Inc, Mavis invested in a Guardian V10 and two cameras. We called Mavis and programmed the Guardian according to her wishes and specifications before mailing it to her. When she received the cameras, she took one out of the box, plugged it into a wall socket, synced it with her WiFi and her phone, her sister’s phone, and the Caregiver’s phone, and it was up and running. She could call us if she got stuck and we would help her and walk her through the simple setup on the phone. And she could move the camera around easily to a different room or position, if she wished. The hidden camera setup was even easier.

This is how it works: Kathleen wears the Guardian, which is waterproof and lightweight. Should she fall down or hit the SOS button, we have programmed the Guardian to text the Caregiver with her exact whereabouts (and a map) and let her know Kathleen has fallen. It will then call her, as well. Should the Caregiver not respond, the text and call will then go to Mavis. Should Mavis not respond, the message will go directly to 911. And they can talk with Kathleen through the device, like a telephone.

Should Kathleen wander or get lost, Mavis or the Caregiver can call our IPS Safety Inc. office and we will track her immediately. This is urgent, because, statistically, if Seniors who wander are not found within 24 hours, 93% of them will suffer serious injury or death.

At the same time, an innocuous little digital clock from IPS Safety Inc. stands on Kathleen’s bedside table. In it, there is a hidden, high definition camera, which is motion activated, has night vision, and records sound as well. Every week, Mavis pops the chip out of the clock and can check up on how well the Caregiver treated Mom.

And the other camera can be viewed instantly on the phones of Mavis, the Caregiver, and Mavis’s sister in California. They can see and hear Kathleen in real time on their phones and talk with her through the camera! All these devices work together and augment each other. Mavis has decided to invest in an extra camera as well as an outdoor camera to cover another room and to see who is at the door at any time.

Mavis and the Caregiver, as well as the sister in California, are enjoying peace of mind since talking with our company. They worry less about Kathleen and Mavis can save a number of trips per week across town to check up on her since she can see her on the camera any time she pleases. This saves Mavis time and money. Her husband and children appreciate having Mom around more! And Kathleen is more at ease and feeling more secure as well.

Talk with us about how we can help you, and perhaps to discuss the opportunity to work with our company on our mission.

Robin Elliott  IPS Safety Inc.


The Rising Threats from the Adult Children of Seniors


Before I start, please note that this is a generalization. It doesn’t refer to all our adult children, all the time. However, we should be aware that things often change fast when circumstances change, usually unexpectedly. Interestingly, of the thousands of talks I have delivered in thirty years, this is the most popular discourse I present.

We love our children and we want the best for them. However, there are certain threats and rising threats that we Seniors should be aware of and plan for. The Chinese have a saying, “Dig the well before you thirst.” First, I will share some ugly home truths and threats, with which many of us, sadly, are intimate, albeit sometimes privately, and then I will provide you with some hopefully welcome, proven solutions.

The reasons why these threats are so prevalent in our modern-day society are obvious to all who observe how things are changing under ubiquitous Liberalism. The Peter Pan Syndrome, that is children who grow into adults but never mature – men who stay boys in their minds – is evident to many of us. The entitlement mentality of spoilt adult children who demand ever more and give less and less, who feel they have a right to that which they didn’t earn, is endemic.

And so a large number of adult children live off their elderly parents and women from broken marriages often leave the unfortunate children of those marriages with their struggling senior parents to raise. There are adult men living at home, refusing to marry or take responsibility for their lives, depleting their declining parents’ life-savings and waiting for their parents to die so that they can inherit, then being disappointed that we take so long to shuffle off this mortal coil, thereby solving all the debts incurred by our undisciplined, intemperate adult offspring.

Too many children harbor passive aggression against their aging parents who are taking too long to die and solve all their financial woes. After all, isn’t that the reason why so many of our children fail to plan for their financial future? They reason that Mom and Dad will soon be dead – they’re in their sixties already – so why save? Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we inherit! This passive aggression is often manifested in bullying, neglect, and financial abuse.

Let Granny sell her comfortable apartment, leave her dear friends and familiar surroundings, and move halfway across the country to live in the cold basement our house – the one she gave us the money for – and look after the kids while we party and work. Until Gran gets dementia – every ten minutes, someone in Canada is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia – or breaks a hip, thereby becoming a burden to her busy kids, that is. Then the pawpaw hits the fan.

An objective Mr. Spock from Star Trek might say that our children may be our greatest blessing, but also our greatest threat because of our emotional attachment to them.

I have witnessed an adult daughter who blackmailed her retired parents by telling them that if they refused to spend the same amount of time with her unmanageable, difficult older son with Downs Syndrome as with the younger one with whom they had spent a glorious six years of building a happy relationship, they would no longer be allowed to see either grandson. She deprived her own son of a future relationship with his doting grandparents and his grandparents of any contact with her son.

Blackmail and manipulation take many forms, and often they are financial. If you don’t pay for the holiday, you won’t be coming with us. If you don’t babysit all week, every week, you won’t see your grandchildren. Many grandparents bribe their kids to obtain time with them, depleting their savings by paying for cruises and expensive gifts in order to be included and acknowledged.

Adult children become become indignant and upset when Mom wants to remarry in her old age because they may miss out on some inheritance. And how dare she spend our money on cruises? That’s our inheritance she’s wasting!

Now you may not presently be the victim of any financial, physical, or emotional abuse, blackmail, or manipulation, however, things can change overnight. A doting child gets married or starts living with someone who doesn’t like you, is demanding, has another agenda, or brings kids from another marriage into the family. Mortgage rates go up, someone loses a job, a marriage breaks up, someone gets transferred to another city or province or state, someone gets ill or dies, and everything is different – quickly and unexpectedly. Then a lot of the above issues could occur simultaneously.

How can we avoid these problems and prepare for them? After all, we’re getting older, with less energy, less resilience, perhaps less money as medical expenses spiral, and sometimes, unfortunately, fewer faculties. An excellent book I’m reading via Leader Impact says that we should always ask ourselves three questions about any decision: 1. What is the wisest thing to do in light of my past experience? 2. What is the wisest thing to do in light of my present circumstances? 3. What is the wisest thing to do in light of my future plans? Here are a few useful tips:

  1. Form a strong Support Group – among Seniors, in your church, among friends. And find yourself a good lawyer and accountant to run things by and protect you.
  2. Find a solid social worker and doctor that you can turn to for advice.
  3. Find out about the many home support services like Nurse Next Door – these people will serve you professionally, reliably, gratefully, punctually, and with a smile, and ultimately they will be a lot more affordable than your own progeny. Using a cab or home delivery service eliminates the need for help from your offspring. Become as independent as possible.
  4. Consider downsizing and finding a home that doesn’t have stairs or an elevator. Get your ego out of the way.
  5. Be frugal: save, cut unnecessary costs, and realize that you’re likely to live a long time. We can’t rely on the government. Remember, the government allows lavish spending of taxpayers’ money on mentally and physically disabled children, but not on Seniors. We need to take care of ourselves.
  6. Bear in mind that you are NOT responsible for your adult children and their misguided decisions. Don’t be like a good friend of mine who has allowed his psychopathic, predator son to rip him off financially for at least 24 years of which I am aware, because of my friend’s guilt for past, bad decisions he made. We need to learn to forgive ourselves, ask forgiveness of others when it’s appropriate, and move on.
  7. Prepare: food stored, money saved, will in order, a safe environment, strong friendships and a caring support group, professional help, access to financial and legal assistance, and objective decision-making. The less your children know about your finances, the better. The executor of your will should not be one of your children.

Finally, other Seniors understand and can offer good advice. Young people seldom understand our problems. Bear this in mind. Our company, IPS Safety Inc., provides protection and safety for Seniors and peace of mind and savings for their Caregivers. I present this talk regularly for Seniors in the Greater Vancouver District and on Radio. I turn 65 early next year.

Robin Elliott

IPS Safety Inc.



Six Urgent Things Every Canadian Senior Should Do NOW


Here’s WHY it is imperative that Canadian Seniors take note of the following essential Six Steps they should be taking in order to protect and improve their futures.:

  • With the onset of age, we lose energy and physical abilities: we become more vulnerable.
  • As our country continues to be flooded with refugees, new immigrants, and illegal immigrants, government health providers are struggling to keep up and wait times at hospitals and doctors will continue to increase. Already, there are more Seniors in Canada than children.
  • The resources and pensions available to us from the government will continue to lag further and further behind the cost of living and our increasing medical needs.
  • State nursing home facilities will be more congested and it will be harder to get in, and those who can’t afford expensive private nursing homes will need more help remaining in their homes.
  • For many of us, our financial resources will be stretched to breaking point as we age.

In light of the above, we should prepare as well as possible. The Chinese have a saying, “Dig the well before you thirst.” So here are five things we can do to cope with the future we face:

  1. Create a strong support group: friends, church, clubs, other Seniors. Make sure there are younger people in your group as well. If you’re all in the same boat, it’s harder to gain support.
  2. Do what you can to increase your financial stability and cut costs. Do you really need that boat/cottage/RV? How many times do you actually use it? Are you paying for your adult children instead of conserving your savings? Along with cutting costs, seek safe, legitimate ways to make more money. I suggest you avoid Network Marketing /Multilevel Marketing/MLM schemes and “Get-Rich-Quick” schemes. Never invest more than you can afford to lose.
  3. Get fit. Lose weight. Strengthen your body. Obesity adds to the potential of falling and all sorts of other physical problems, like diabetes, knee and hip problems, and much more. Walk for at least 40 minutes a day if you can. Watch your diet.
  4. Make sure your home is “Senior Friendly” – no stairs, nothing to trip over, including animals and small children, and secure from burglars.
  5. Do some serious planning – physical as well as financial – for your future. Take the time. Beware of “Financial Consultants” and have your lawyer check things out before you sign anything or commit to anything. Be especially aware of financial scams.
  6. Make use of technology. It is amazing how much safer and easier life can be when you look at some of the products available to us and our adult children and spouses.  Falls, elder abuse, wandering due to dementia or Alzheimer’s – these are things Seniors have to cope with. Here is what our company provides (much more to come).

Robin Elliott

If You Have Loved Ones in a Nursing Home, You Need to See This


Many Seniors find themselves in Nursing Homes and posh Senior residential Care Homes, Retirement Communities, and Assisted Living Facilities. And their Caregivers/ Spouses/Adult Children should be aware of some startling statistics.

We are promised the earth when we sign the contract and start paying the hefty nursing home fees, of course. We are told Mom or Dad, or, in some cases, our spouse will be very well cared for and all their needs supplied. But promises are not always fulfilled…

A recent study that was sponsored by the US Government found that 30% of nursing homes in the country were cited for at least one instance of abuse in a two-year period. There were almost 9,000 instances of abuse documented, and these included but were not limited to untreated bedsores, dehydration, and accidents that could have been prevented. And nearly 20% of the abuse incidents that were reported were actually serious enough to place the elderly residents in immediate jeopardy of serious injury or death.

More than 40% of nursing home residents have reported abuse, and more than 90%, in fact, report that they or another resident of the same facility have been neglected.

I could go on, and of course, nursing homes will vehemently deny that these violations of human dignity occur in their facility. But facts are facts. And what makes this all the more frightening and worrying is that many of these residents suffer from Alzheimer’s or dementia, so they don’t remember what happened or, worse still, they are accused of lying about abuse. In Canada, doctors are diagnosing one new case of Alzheimer’s or related dementia every five minutes. Search “hidden camera seniors” on YouTube and you’ll be shocked to see things like this.

What can one do about this? Well, that’s why we created IPS Safety Inc. And one of our products is particularly well suited to this situation: our GrannyCam. It’s a tiny camera hidden in an innocuous little digital clock. The clock works and can be plugged into a wall outlet or it can work off its rechargeable battery. The camera is HD, full colour and sound, and motion activated, so it only records when there is movement. And it has night vision, too.

The camera doesn’t require WiFi: it has an SD card hidden in it and it can record for up to a week. It is easy to set up and use, and if you have any questions, you can simply call our office and ask. More information here.

Enjoy peace of mind and keep your loved ones safe. Elder abuse is a reality: physical, emotional, and financial.

Robin Elliott