Real Relief for Seniors in Residential Facilities and for Businesses that Seek a Great ROI on their Advertising Dollars.



Visit any Nursing Home, Assisted Living, or Retirement facility for Seniors, and you will find that most Seniors spend up to 80% of their time alone in the rooms. Serious mental health issues are escalating as Senior population explodes and the pressure on these facilities increases, not because of the shortage of qualifies staff.

Loneliness, depression, feelings of isolation, hopelessness, and desertion, a feeling that they are being “warehoused and forgotten,” and that their family is “waiting for them to die so that they can inherit what’s left” are commonplace. Many of these Seniors seldom get any visits from friends and family. Some get no visits and receive no communication from “the outside.” Many Seniors live with constant pain, disabilities, and financial problems.

Seniors with dementia face additional discrimination resulting in a range of unmet needs including lack of autonomy and belonging—both of which are linked with interpersonal violence. There are many cases of real and imagined elder abuse. There are even suicides

Even in the high-end facilities, the elaborate meals and beautiful furnishings and surroundings that persuade families to part with vast amounts of money so that Mommy can be safe and happy – in many cases assuaging their consciences – don’t help much.

And so the non-profit IPS Wellness Foundation was born – to accept donations from businesses to purchase Trike Transporters that are pedaled by volunteers to break the monotony in these facilities, show that people do care, and provide unforgettable outings for Seniors. Photos are taken, balloons, fun, the open air, meeting new people – adventure – something to talk about for months. And rides can be regular when the facility owns the Trike!

What’s in it for the businesses that generously donate Trikes? Apart from the laudable philanthropic aspect, it’s the best ROI for branding, promotion, and ongoing advertising around.

It starts off with a bang – a joyous Donation Ceremony with balloons and fun for all, an official handing over of the Trikes to the grateful Institutions receiving them. Pictures are taken, music, and the press, Seniors, their Caregivers, the public, and dignitaries are invited. Applause and speeches!
The logo and name of the business donating the Trike are emblazoned on the backs and sides of the Trikes, (Generously Donated By) and the volunteers pedaling them wear the T-Shirts and jackets of the business. Wherever those Trikes go in the future, people we see and know that the Trikes were donated by that business, and that means ongoing acknowledgment and gratitude from the Seniors, the Institution, the Caregivers, and the public.
Robin Elliott

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