An Exciting Solution for Businesses and Seniors is Offered

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You and most Caregivers know that many of our Senior Canadians in Retirement Residences and Care Homes tend to suffer in the same way:

Isolation, Loneliness, Depression, feelings of Hopelessness and Abandonment. Many feel that the world has dumped them there, discarded them, and simply forgotten about them, that they no longer matter. Most spend the bulk of their day alone in their little rooms.

And their time in these institutions can last many years, waiting. Waiting for someone to visit them – someone who seldom, if ever, comes. Waiting for the next meal. Like the old British Television series, “Waiting to Die.” They see their friends dying off and being taken away to be buried, or taken away to the hospital, many, never to return. It’s depressing just writing this.

But cheer up, there is good news! A solution has been found and proven to work every time! Volunteers pedal Seniors around in bright yellow Trike Transporters ( – take them for a lovely, safe, invigorating ride instead of leaving them to languish alone in their rooms. When last did they feel the wind in their hair, riding through beautiful scenery behind a bicycle? Meeting new friends, being taken notice of, being spoiled, having their pictures taken? Something to talk about for weeks and months afterwards!


These bright, safe, easy to mount, spacious Trike Transporters are the best thing since sliced bread. Seniors love riding in them and volunteers love pedaling them! They are battery assisted, but even without the battery assist, they are easy to pedal with gears. Fun for all. They enjoy a comfortable, wide seat with a seatbelt, a canopy, and a screen to protect from wind and rain, a break in the monotony, that “Groundhog Day” existence, a way to forget their pain and sadness.  

IPS Safety Inc ( sells Trike Transporters ( that these residences can purchase, however many can’t afford the Trikes or haven’t budgeted for them.

We found a solution to that, too. The IPS Wellness Foundation ( is a registered Canadian non-profit organization that accepts grants and donations to purchase Trike Transporters to gift to Residences and organizations that help and house the Seniors, Disabled, and vulnerable in our society!

But what’s in it for the caring businesses making these generous donations?

Well, it starts off with a bang – a joyous Donation Ceremony with balloons and fun for all, an official handing over of the Trikes to the grateful Institutions receiving them. Pictures are taken, music, the press and dignitaries are invited. Applause and speeches!

The logo and name of the business donating the Trike are emblazoned on the backs and sides of the Trikes, and the volunteers pedaling them wear the T-Shirts, caps, and jackets of the business. Wherever those Trikes go in the future, people we see and know that the Trikes were donated by that business, and that means ongoing acknowledgment and gratitude from the Seniors, the Institution, the Caregivers, and the public.

This is the best possible way to promote your business, your products, and your services.

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