Handcuffed and Jailed at 93 Years Old for Running Out of Money


93 Year old booted out of Retirement Home

See the article and disturbing videos here.

Richard Armande Mills (RAM) tweeted:  I really hate that our country doesn’t take better care of its elderly. The woman is 93. What is she supposed to do, reenter the workforce? And did law enforcement really have to use handcuffs? Appalling on so many levels.

To which Stefan Molyneux, a very wise man and usually extremely accurate in his reporting, responded: You need to make a near endless amount of life mistakes to end up broke and alone at 93 years old. Make your decisions wisely because nobody is coming to save you.

A multitude of unfortunate and often unforeseen things can happen to Seniors that are beyond our control, chief of which is medical expenses and medicines. In Canada, dental is not covered by our “free” medical services, and many Seniors trek down to Mexico to save money. Deaths of spouses, illness, increased costs of living, pensions no longer sufficient, nursing homes that raise prices beyond our reach, and more.

US and Canadian Governments need to look after this huge, fast-growing demographic instead of their narcissistic focus on pleasing voters and keeping their jobs. Bullyboy policemen dressed up as shock troops should be restrained from handling Seniors like tough street thugs. Provision needs to be made for the medicine, decent accommodation, and care of Seniors.

Every ten minutes a Senior is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or related dementia in Canada alone. This needs to be taken into account, as well as the fact that the elderly cannot be judged by the same measure as common criminals and healthy, strong young people.

Robin Elliott


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