Look at the Responses I received to This Facebook Post

I posted this on Facebook:
“Smart companies are now hiring Seniors in many different positions for logical and profitable reasons: They’re generally mature, patient, caring, hardworking, grateful for their jobs, experienced, better communicators, responsible, disciplined, and health conscious. They have realistic expectations. And they’re not encumbered or distracted by kids at home or marital strife. Makes sense.” 
These are some of the (unedited) responses I received:

Makes perfect sense. Seniors certainly can’t live on their Government Pension and most have to continue working.

Exactly… but the hiring process is incredibly tedious with layers of personality tests etc. Just meet the person for goodness sake. The customer is hungry for a caring employee to service their needs and requests

My dad instilled an old fashion work ethic in me, but at work people don’t like me because they say I’m anal.. they ask …why do you care.. doing quality work is only appreciated by a few.

Well our generation learned how to work. Most of us since we were about 12 at part time jobs and took them very seriously. And learned if you wanted it, you worked for it.

 I’d much rather deal witan a older person at say MacDonalds than some snot nosed kid who is clueless.

After Trudeau screws this country most of us poor smucks will be working until death, that’s if there is a job left.

 We are of the generation that knew what work meant.

 Shoot, a few months back I couldn’t pay someone to give me a job

 Sounds all good, but Canada can’t much longer afford pensions, etc, so extending the outreach is the way to save us.
I can tell you this I am 58 years old and my outlook values and code of ethics has changed tremendously. When I was young I thought I was invincible and I didn’t have a care in the world. It’s a hell of a lot different nowadays and I care about what I do with a Passion.
Ingvar kamprad the founder of IKEA embraced this principle.
Many seniors would love to work!

Here’s the Article I wrote to elaborate on the benefits to businesses of hiring Seniors.


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