10 Reasons Why Small Business Owners Should Hire Seniors


Why hire Seniors? Those over sixty? Younger people may be surprised at what Seniors have to offer small businesses compared with many others, and how easy and lucrative it is to hire them. After thirty-one years in business and training business owners around the world, and as a Senior myself, I know what I’m talking about. Here are ten logical and profitable reasons to consider this:

  1. Few distractions. With no kids at home, few divorces, and a  settled, mature lifestyle, Seniors can focus on their work and are not constantly looking for a better job or dealing with boy or girlfriends or spousal issues like job transfers. And most don’t have elderly parents to worry about anymore.
  2. Gratitude. Many Seniors are looking for ways to earn extra money, keep busy, use their often considerable skills and business experience, and contribute meaningfully. They enjoy the company of their coworkers and feeling valuable. So they’re understandably grateful to get a job and their work and commitment show it.
  3. Mature. Few hissy fits, reasonable expectations, and patient. They have lived long enough to gain perspective, something which few Millenials understand.
  4. Hardworking. Most Seniors have a solid work ethic. They don’t expect “something for nothing.”
  5. Self Disciplined. Punctual, well dressed, clean, and they’re not clock watchers. They’re responsible and they want to keep their jobs; they’re not spoiled kids.
  6. Good Communicators. Seniors have learned to communicate, they’re not easily threatened by cheeky customers, and they’re patient and empathetic. They have a lot of experience dealing with all kinds of people. And they’ll treat your Senior customers well, too, because they understand them, as only another Senior can.
  7. Health Conscious. Especially if you’re in the health industry, as we age, health becomes tantamount, so Seniors are aware of health issues and have real-life experience in that area; they’re credible.
  8. Experience. Many Seniors were once successful entrepreneurs, business leaders, or held high positions in businesses and industry. This can be very valuable to any open-minded small business owner. We can learn from this treasure chest of experience.
  9. Great at Dealing with Other Seniors. If your business serves Seniors, Seniors are the best to do it, unless it involves hard physical work. Remember, there are over 70 million Seniors in the U.S. and Canada, growing by 10,000 per day. Many of your customers will probably be Seniors.
  10. Affordable. They have realistic expectations. Considering what they have to offer, VERY affordable.

P.S. Seniors can attach this article to their resumes.

Robin Elliott  IPS Safety Inc.


Author: robinjelliott

Marketing Director, AdXperts.com International entrepreneur since 1987 Author of 15 books robin@leverageadvantage.com Personal website: LeverageAdvantage.com My other Blog is RobinJElliott.com Ask me about an excellent business opportunity.

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