Why We Started This Business



This was what we experienced and why we started this business.

My wife had knee problems. This led to medical help and a lot of exposure to what others were experiencing. Then she needed a hip replacement. She was in a wheelchair for two years before her surgery, following which she had to go through the long recovery. She fell on the pavement near the sidewalk and couldn’t get up, and a friendly passing motorist and his wife stopped and helped her.

Then a friend of my wife fell in her apartment and lay on the floor for two days before she was rescued by the Fire Department. Ten days in hospital followed; she would have died had she spent another day lying on the floor. And a neighbour of ours got dementia. Local Seniors wandered and two were never found.

We saw the devastating effects on our family members who literally wore themselves out caring for their aged parents. As we aged, we saw the dire need of help for Seniors and their Caregivers.

We are Seniors. Many of our friends are Seniors. We see the need, the fear, the frustration. Many Seniors and their families can’t afford ongoing home care or enough home care, or nursing homes, and even with home care and nursing homes, what happens when the home care leaves and Mom or Dad is alone at home? What happens when Mom or Dad are abused by Caregivers at home or in nursing homes, or you suspect abuse?

Seniors don’t just suffer from falls, dementia and Alzheimer’s and wandering, panic, worry, abuse and neglect; they are also lonely, often don’t have enough care or support or money, and they worry about their spouses and their futures. And many Caregivers are at the end of their ropes.

We saw the stress suffered by Caregivers, many of whom were sandwiched between their families at home and caring for their aging parents. Many of them suffered illness, depression, financial problems, and family and marriage problems at home as a result. The financial and time management pressures on Caregivers are enormous.

We realized that many of the products available to Caregivers for Seniors didn’t do what they were supposed to do, there was little or no support or help to set them up or to manage them, and many were being sold to vulnerable, desperate people who ended up sending them back or leaving them in a closet because they couldn’t get them to work, or when they realized that the response to an SOS message from Dad who had dementia was from a kid in a call centre in the Philippines.

So my business partner and I researched the market, the products available, the services available, and the best way to fill the gaps and needs between the Caregivers, the nursing homes, and the lonely hours. We found the best products and the best way to distribute our products and help the Seniors and Caregivers in the United States and Canada, and we tested the system and the products we provided with real Distributors and actual customers. It works. and we constantly adding new products and improving on our systems.

Our mission is to provide safety and security for Seniors and help and peace of mind for their Caregivers. In addition to that, we have created a business model that provides an income/business opportunity for anyone who genuinely shares our concerns and cares about Seniors and their Caregivers. The market is presently in excess of 70 million Seniors, growing by 10,000 per day, and the needs and problems of Seniors and their Caregivers are growing just as fast.

Visit our website and feel free to contact us should you have any questions.

Robin Elliott      IPS Safety Inc.

“When the winds of change blow, some people build walls, others build windmills.”


Author: robinjelliott

Marketing Director, AdXperts.com International entrepreneur since 1987 Author of 15 books robin@leverageadvantage.com Personal website: LeverageAdvantage.com My other Blog is RobinJElliott.com Ask me about an excellent business opportunity.

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