Master Distributor Opportunity for Manitoba and Saskatchewan

IPS Safety Inc. is considering applicants for a Master Distributor to cover both Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

The Total Population of these two provinces is approximately 2,475,000. There are over 70 million Seniors in Canada and the United States, increasing by 10,000 per day. Their access to professional caregivers and nursing homes is becoming more and more difficult due to rising prices and dwindling funds.

Adult children who are caregivers are under increasing financial, emotional, and time pressure. Every 10 minutes, a Senior is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia in Canada alone. If not found within 24 hours, 93% of those who wander as a result will suffer serious injury or death. Senior abuse is a problem in homes and in nursing homes. 30% of nursing homes in the US were cited for at least one instance of abuse in a two-year period and 40% of nursing home residents have reported abuse.

This means that there are increasing problems and challenges in this huge demographic, most of which are urgent. There is a specific and critical need for help.

Now Technology is advancing fast and offering solutions and relief to many of these problems. Most Caregivers will prefer to install these devices themselves if it is easy and there is help available, and so maintain personal control, for many good reasons.

Whereas many technical devices are available in big box stores and online, there is little or no support in most cases, and no help programming, setting up, or maintaining devices. We provide the technology along with telephone customer support how to use it and set it up.

Our mission is to provide safety, quality of life, and security to Seniors and relief, peace of mind, and savings for their caregivers.

Users of these devices require assistance and support on a regular basis, not just to set the equipment up. We provide it. Products are bought from our site and shipped direct. We provide the support.

How our solution works:

Our products are sold by Distributors and their salespeople who are local and who Joint Venture with other senior service providers. All sales, payments, shipping, warranties, licensing, insurance, and customer service is done by the company and all sales are made from our website and tracked via customer discount codes.

Our Salespeople and Distributors are focused solely on marketing and sales.

What Distributors get:

Your one-time investment gets you a real part of the company – your own territory – in which you can recruit salespeople and set up joint ventures with other Seniors’ service providers, as well as our custom networking clubs. We custom design your sales and marketing options and processes around your skills, resources, timetable, and
preferences. There is unlimited income potential.

All sales made anywhere in the US or Canada by the Distributor, their Joint Venture partners, and the salespeople in their territory, contribute to the Distributor’s income. The company pays Distributors and Salespeople a commission of 15% on their sales after the 5% Customer Discount.

Distributors receive 15% on their own sales as above, PLUS 50% of the profits from sales made by themselves, their Joint Venture Partners, and their salespeople.
Profit is calculated as follows: Sales Price, less 5% Customer Discount, less 15% sales commission, less cost of product = Profit.

IPS Safety Inc. Provides ongoing training, coaching, and mentoring of all Distributors and their salespeople and assistance to Distributors when recruiting salespeople and setting up their networking groups and Joint Ventures.

Costs to Distributor:

Apart from the initial investment, his advertising and marketing costs are to be decided by the Distributor.

ROI: Return on Investment:

Sales can be made directly from the company website via salespeople, direct sales, Joint Ventures, government funding, online advertising, radio and television advertising, print magazine advertising, and more.

On average, a Distributor who personally makes only 10 sales (only one product per sale) per day or has these sales made through his Joint Venture Partners (other Service/Product Providers to Seniors), government agencies, or Network Group partners will earn around $15,000 per month. These sales can be made anywhere in North America and include government grants.

Add to this the profits accumulated as a result of sales made by of the Distributor’s salespeople, and it is obvious that there is no limit to the potential income.

In addition, should a Distributor refer another Distributor outside of his own territory, he will receive 10% of that Distributor’s initial investment.

What the Future Holds:

Our branding is growing increasingly stronger as we are being recommended by more and more organizations that also serve Seniors and the more Distributors and Salespeople we have on the ground, the more exponential our growth. In addition, we are continually researching and sourcing new products.

The Executive Team:

Ken Chahal – Managing Director
Ken Chahal operated his own business since 1988 in the food manufacturing Industry For 7 years. He sold it and traveled extensively around the world for 4 years. After coming back from his extended holiday, he started Adxperts, an Outdoor Advertising Company manufacturing LED products and wide format Printing. This Company
has now been in operation for twenty years in Surrey BC. Ken has been involved in real estate investing for many years in Vancouver and Calgary. Ken’s main focus is now IPS Safety Inc.

Robin Elliott – Sales and Marketing Director
Robin Elliott became an entrepreneur in 1987, prior to which he was a sales executive and a Director of the Sales Trainers Association of South Africa, and he managed restaurants and hotels. Since 1987 Mr. Elliott has retired twice and trained and coached thousands of business owners in Canada, Africa, the United States, and Britain. He
has various qualifications, including Organization and Methods, and his strength and specialty lie the use of leverage and collaboration in sales and marketing. See He is the author of fifteen books. His main focus is now IPS Safety Inc.

For more information, please review and, as well as our Blog and Facebook page. We are seeking Distributors across the United States and Canada.

Robin Elliott


Author: robinjelliott

Marketing Director, International entrepreneur since 1987 Author of 15 books Personal website: My other Blog is Ask me about an excellent business opportunity.

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