Relief for the Caregivers of Seniors in the US and Canada


The Caregivers of Seniors – professionals as well as the adult children of Seniors – are experiencing unprecedented and increasing pressure on their time and resources. In Canada and the US, there are 70 million Seniors and growing by 10,000 per day. Every ten minutes, someone is diagnosed with Altzheimers or dementia in Canada alone.

The demands on Caregivers can be quite overwhelming, especially if you feel you’re in over your head or have limited time, money, and resources. Left unchecked, the stress of caregiving can take a toll on your health, relationships, and state of mind—eventually leading to burnout, illness, and depression.

Nursing Homes are becoming increasingly expensive and out of reach, fewer can afford Caregiver services, and an increasing amount of Seniors are struggling to find the money to pay for their expensive medication. And Senior Abuse is increasing exponentially.

Now technology is stepping in to relieve the pressure, and if you’re not adept at working with technology, we have that covered, too. But instead of data, let me give you a real-life example of one of the clients of IPS Safety Inc.:

Mavis is a busy wife, employee, and mother of three boisterous teenagers. Her Mom, Kathleen, is sixty-nine-year-old Senior with dementia and a new hip. Mavis pays a Caregiver to look in on Kathleen twice weekly. The previous Caregiver was suspected of bullying Kathleen, so she was let go. Mavis is run ragged communicating with the Caregiver and visiting her mom. She is sandwiched between her job, husband, and kids, and Mom.

After talking with IPS Safety Inc, Mavis invested in a Guardian V10 and two cameras. We called Mavis and programmed the Guardian according to her wishes and specifications before mailing it to her. When she received the cameras, she took one out of the box, plugged it into a wall socket, synced it with her WiFi and her phone, her sister’s phone, and the Caregiver’s phone, and it was up and running. She could call us if she got stuck and we would help her and walk her through the simple setup on the phone. And she could move the camera around easily to a different room or position, if she wished. The hidden camera setup was even easier.

This is how it works: Kathleen wears the Guardian, which is waterproof and lightweight. Should she fall down or hit the SOS button, we have programmed the Guardian to text the Caregiver with her exact whereabouts (and a map) and let her know Kathleen has fallen. It will then call her, as well. Should the Caregiver not respond, the text and call will then go to Mavis. Should Mavis not respond, the message will go directly to 911. And they can talk with Kathleen through the device, like a telephone.

Should Kathleen wander or get lost, Mavis or the Caregiver can call our IPS Safety Inc. office and we will track her immediately. This is urgent, because, statistically, if Seniors who wander are not found within 24 hours, 93% of them will suffer serious injury or death.

At the same time, an innocuous little digital clock from IPS Safety Inc. stands on Kathleen’s bedside table. In it, there is a hidden, high definition camera, which is motion activated, has night vision, and records sound as well. Every week, Mavis pops the chip out of the clock and can check up on how well the Caregiver treated Mom.

And the other camera can be viewed instantly on the phones of Mavis, the Caregiver, and Mavis’s sister in California. They can see and hear Kathleen in real time on their phones and talk with her through the camera! All these devices work together and augment each other. Mavis has decided to invest in an extra camera as well as an outdoor camera to cover another room and to see who is at the door at any time.

Mavis and the Caregiver, as well as the sister in California, are enjoying peace of mind since talking with our company. They worry less about Kathleen and Mavis can save a number of trips per week across town to check up on her since she can see her on the camera any time she pleases. This saves Mavis time and money. Her husband and children appreciate having Mom around more! And Kathleen is more at ease and feeling more secure as well.

Talk with us about how we can help you, and perhaps to discuss the opportunity to work with our company on our mission.

Robin Elliott  IPS Safety Inc.



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