10 Reasons Why an IPS Distributorship in the Baby Boomer Market is Worth Seriously Considering



  1. Not everyone is good at selling or recruiting.

Knowing this, we designed IPS Safety Inc. Distributorships to take this important factor into consideration. We specialize in the use of Leverage and Collaboration and we teach our IPS Safety Inc. Distributors to use that to build their businesses instead of hard selling and knocking on doors.

  1. Nobody wants to pay leases, carry inventory, get licensed, deal with customers, or handle the financial transactions if they don’t have to.

Our company handles all of the above and more. Our Distributors don’t have to be licensed or carry insurance or create websites. All sales, shipping, customer service, warranties, etc., is handled via our website and staff, leaving our Distributors to work freely and unhindered. The company carries the inventory.

  1. Nobody wants to have to approach Friends and Family or Past Business Associates in order to sell them stuff.

Knowing this, our system makes it possible to work without contacting anyone you know if you don’t want to. After all, there are much more people that you don’t know!

  1. Nobody should risk more money than they can afford to lose.

We insist our IPS Safety Inc. Distributorships do not invest more than they can afford to lose. There is no hard sell or pressure from our side. We only want people who want to work with us and who can afford to do so.

  1. People want to choose their own lifestyle, and not be forced into a cookie-cutter, job-like routine.

We pride ourselves on the flexibility of our system. Work in your own time from anywhere in the world. Create your own routine according to the lifestyle you choose and your resources, skills, and experience.

  1. People should NOT have to limit the potential amount of money they can make.

There is no limit to the amount of money you can make in your IPS Safety Inc. Distributorship since the market is growing by 10,000 Seniors per day in North America and our Distributors can sell anywhere in North America, regardless of the territory they invest in. There are already over 60 million Seniors over the age of 60 in the US alone.

  1. People should care about the people their business helps and believe in their products and services.

All our Distributors own at least one of each of our products and use them themselves, all are over the age of 45, and all are aware of the serious, increasing problems faced by Seniors in North America.

  1. People need support, training, coaching, mentoring, and help when they need it.

We personally train and mentor and educate our Distributors on an individual, ongoing basis. We are available, capable, and eager to help. Our system is proven to work and is working well.

  1. A good business has a serious purpose and vision to help many people meet urgent needs.

Every ten minutes, a Senior is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or related dementia in Canada alone. Falls, wandering, loneliness, abuse, dementia and Alzheimer’s, and many other problems are on the increase, including the pressure on the adult children of Seniors, and who outnumber the Seniors, and our products assist in each case. We also help relieve the stress and pain of the caregivers of these Seniors and we are Seniors ourselves, so we understand the issues.

  1. A really good business is constantly evolving, growing, and changing to meet current needs with the right products and services.

We are constantly evolving, upgrading, and finding new and better products. We are in touch with the best manufacturers and their engineers and we are always open to suggestions from the marketplace and our IPS Safety Inc. Distributors. We are flexible and open and we stay ahead of the curve with cutting edge products and exceptional customer service.

Robin Elliott IPS Safety Inc.


Author: robinjelliott

Marketing Director, AdXperts.com International entrepreneur since 1987 Author of 15 books robin@leverageadvantage.com Personal website: LeverageAdvantage.com My other Blog is RobinJElliott.com Ask me about an excellent business opportunity.

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