Financial Preparation for the Rest of Your Life


No matter how old you are, what is the best thing you can do to create a regular stream of reliable income by providing an essential need to the largest, growing market in the world? Without getting enmeshed in Network Marketing, or relying on your own selling and work abilities?

As we get older, our energy and available financial resources dissipate. And we tend to need more money for things we didn’t think we would need, especially in the area of home living assistance, medication, dental and optometry, and medical equipment. And it all costs more and more money, doesn’t it?

Here is a solution. We have designed a business that provides our Distributors with a way to create growing financial income without personal sales or business skills.

We provide everything you need. You can automate your Distributorship, and maintain it easily with just a few phone calls a week.

You can go on holiday. If you’re in hospital or away, your business can keep running and growing.

Be a part of this company that provides electronic safety equipment (surveillance cameras, fall- and tracking devices, etc., to the fast-growing Seniors market in the US and Canada. Join our other successful, happy Distributors.


Affordable Business Serving Seniors:  the largest, fastest growing, most profitable market!

Choose your own Territory +- 250,000 people for only $25,000

This is not MLM / Network Marketing

Your Salespeople market our Surveillance Cameras, Fall/SOS/Tracking Devices

Free, ongoing coaching and training

Work from home, full-time or part-time.

We do all sales, deliveries, inventory, warranties, purchases, customer care, salespeople recruiting and training

Only 3 Duties of Distributors:

Advertise our products online

Advertise for Salespeople (they respond to us)

Get Salespeople together once a week in person on Skype for us to train them


What we do:

Recruit, coach, and train the salespeople who respond to your adverts

Fulfill all orders

Deliveries, inventory, warranties, purchases, customer care, commission payments to salespeople

Coaching, supporting, and training you

You will Earn 50% of the Company Profit for your Territory, PLUS commissions on any sales you personally choose to make via the Internet or in person anywhere in North America

We are an Incorporated, Registered, Insured Canadian Company based in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada at 12194 86th Avenue, Surrey, BC. service Canada and the United States. 

 We are a Member of the Consumer Technology association and the Surrey Board of Trade.

IPS Safety Inc. was created in response to the massive, growing need for camera surveillance, the care and protection of Seniors and the more vulnerable among us, and addressing the problem of cost and intricacy regarding electronic surveillance and tracking. We source our products direct from trusted manufacturers.

What sets us apart?

By providing video support and telephone support to customers, we have overcome the problems customers often have to deal with when dealing with translated Chinese instructions and the lack of technical support available from large companies, many alarm companies, big-box stores, and online sales.

Customers can start using our products within minutes – no installation required, no laborers tramping through your home or business, no contacts to sign.

Easily affordable.

We provide our physical address and telephone numbers; we’re not hidden on the Internet or anonymous.

Plus, we source our products directly from the manufacturers, thereby keeping costs low.

Call Robin Elliott at IPS Safety Inc. now for more information and no-pressure, no-commitment interview: 604.785.2536 (Pacific Time)



IPS Safety Inc. Distributorships Now Available in Canada and the United States

An Instant, Automated, Done-for-You Business for only $25,000

One time payment. To maintain your Distributorship after a year, you only require $500 in total monthly sales for your entire territory.

No inventory, shipping, or finances. All sales take place from our website and they are tracked by Salesperson Discount Codes and Postal Codes/Zip Codes.

Work from home or an office.

No warranties or insurance or licensing required for Distributors – we carry it all.

No salaries to pay. We take care of everything for our Distributors.

Use our website and marketing material. All purchases and tracking, all payments go through the company website, which the company maintains.

You get free training, guidance, and coaching. We help you recruit and train your salespeople, who work on commission only. You advertise for salespeople in your territory, they respond to us, we recruit them for you.

We provide telephone support to our customers

We continually grow our product line. Each product line is subject to exhaustive testing before we add it to our offering.

Our customers easily and quickly set up their own equipment – no installation is necessary.
Distributors receive a territory of around 250,000 people for a one-time investment of $25,000. Salespeople, as well as the Distributor himself, can sell anywhere in North America.

How Are Sales and Income Tracked?

Each is provided with a unique Discount Code. Salespeople and Distributors provide customers with their Discount Code which the customers use to on our website to earn a 5% discount when purchasing our products. All sales are tracked via these Discount Codes in order to pay 15% of all sales in commissions to each salesperson and Distributor making those sales.

Income Calculation: In addition to individual sales commissions, Distributors are paid fifty percent (50%) of the company profit derived from their territory. We use postal codes or zip codes to track all sales to calculate monthly Distributor payouts for their territories.

We create all the marketing materials and Distributors pay to advertise for salespeople in their territories. We maintain and upgrade our website. We assist in the recruiting of those salespeople – each one signs a contract with IPS Safety Inc. – and we assist in the regular, weekly training of these salespeople via Skype or on the phone, as well training and coaching our Distributors.

Our marketing strength is in leverage and collaboration. We have no marketing budget – instead, we pay generous commissions and keep our prices reasonable.

In addition to their sales and Distributor income, our Distributors earn extra residual income from our incentive program which Salespeople use to obtain appointments, referrals, and access to potential customers.

For More Information, contact Robin Elliott at 1.604.785.2535 Pacific Time

A Truly Hassel-Free, Proven Business Model

[This is for the Table of Comparisons]

No Inventory purchase requirements

No production requirements (except after one year, and then only $500 per month in gross sales per Territory)

No website maintenance

No leases

No salaries to pay

No financials, purchases, collections, or commissions to pay

No training or coaching or managing of Salespeople (except corralling them once a week for their Skype training)

No recruiting (you simply advertising, we recruit your salespeople)

No meetings to attend, work from home

No Network Marketing (MLM)

Who we are:

Ken Chahal and Robin Elliott are equal owner/partners of this company

Call Robin Elliott at IPS Safety Inc. now for more information and no-pressure, no-commitment interview: 604.785.2536 (Pacific Time)



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