Why Our Superior Senior Care System Works

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I received an urgent phone call from a neighbour last night. Her mother had fallen and couldn’t get up, and my help was needed to help the daughter lift her mother into a chair. The mother has dementia and has just been released from the hospital. Her daughter arrived to find her on the floor two hours after her fall.

She asked her mom why she didn’t hit the SOS button on the gadget she was wearing, and her mom replied that she had forgotten how to do so.

Here’s our IPS Safety Inc. response to the situation:

First, if Mom did hit the SOS button on that device she had, it would have gone to a call centre and someone would have asked, “Are you alright?” Then this elderly lady with dementia and an accent would have had to try to explain her situation.

With our Guardian V10 device, the device would have detected a hard fall and automatically texted and then called the first person on the list, for example, her son, providing her exact location, and given him the opportunity to immediately speak to his mom through the waterproof device, like a phone. If he didn’t answer, the second person would be texted and called, and then the third, or 911.

The same would have occurred had she hit the SOS button.

AND if Mom wanders outside and gets lost, we can track her exact whereabouts in real time via the Guardian V10!

But what if the fall hadn’t been hard enough to activate the automatic fall mechanism, and she couldn’t remember to hit the SOS button on the Guardian? We have that covered, too. For a small, one-time investment, the family could easily place an HD camera with night vision in each of the areas she frequents in her apartment. Up to twenty chosen people could view the same camera on their phones in real time. I the family members regularly checked their phones, they would have seen Mom on the floor.

As I was leaving, a caregiver arrived. We also provide a camera hidden in a small digital clock so that they can check up on her and avoid any abusive situations.

We also provide outside cameras. Call me for more information on how to protect your elderly loved ones.

Robin Elliott   IPS Safety Inc.



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