WARNING: Before You Buy Surveillance Cameras for Your Home


People need cameras for various reasons – at home, in the office, keeping an eye on Granny, employees, the kids, or the dog, seeing what’s happening outside and when you’re not around. So where will you buy these cameras?

You have three options – call your local alarm company, buy from a big box store or online and install yourself, or buy from IPS Safety Inc. Let’s objectively evaluate the three; perhaps you will learn something that will assist you in your choice.

Buy from an alarm company

You may even get a “free” camera with “free” installation, however, you will sign a monthly contract that locks you in for years. You will be owned and controlled by the company, and you will pay for that camera many times over. And just try moving to another company! In addition, you will have a workman in your home, pulling wires through holes and making it difficult to remove, move, or replace that camera.

Buy from a Big Box Store or Online

You may think you’re getting a good price, but you may be in for a nasty surprise. Why? When you’re struggling to read the instructions, which are usually badly translated from Chinese, or when you have a problem connecting or installing your camera, who do you call? How do you get help? Chances are, you’ll end up sending it back or standing in a long line to return it. Irritation and cost. Like buying one-ply toilet paper instead of two-ply in order to save money: expensive, frustrating, time-consuming.

Buy from IPS Safety Inc.

When you go online to our site and buy cameras, it is a one-time purchase cost. No hidden costs, no monthly fees, no installation. WiFi, 2-way voice, memory, view and manipulate from your phone. Unplug it and move it around at will.

With your purchase, you will receive:

  • A free, one-year warranty
  • An immediate 5% discount when you use this Code: s1c3
  • A $200 VIP CLUB Card that allows you a $200 discount on hotels worldwide and never expires
  • A video like the one below that shows you how to easily set it up and use it within minutes
  • PLUS we’re always just a telephone call away should you get stuck!

Easy decision, isn’t it?

Also, see our Hidden Camera to avoid Elder Abuse

Robin Elliott


Author: robinjelliott

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