Worried Your Retirement Savings and Pensions Will Be Enough?


I’m a Senior – an elderly Canadian. I’m 64. My wife is 67. Many of our friends are older than we are.  We see the desperate state that many find themselves in. As we age, healthcare gets exponentially more expensive. Drug costs are soaring. Wait times in hospitals are getting longer and longer. Because of the drug addicts abuse of painkillers, many of us are now prescribed inadequate dosages for the pain we suffer.

And most of us are very worried that our savings won’t be adequate. We can’t get jobs or do the things we used to do. The increasing influx of “refugees” into our country under Trudeau simply means even fewer resources for us. This is not some political statement or projection; we see it happening every day.

A shocking, recent Broadbent Institute study reveals the truth about the inadequacy of Canadian Seniors’ savings and the dire financial future we face, “the overall median value of retirement assets of those aged 55 to 64 with no accrued employer pension benefits (representing 47% of this age cohort), is just over $3,000.

We know that:

  • 64 per cent of retirees find it hard to strike a balance between enjoying retirement and making money last.
  • More than half (59 per cent) are worried about making their retirement fund stretch for their remaining years.
  • If retirees came into an unexpected sum of money, more than one third (33 per cent) say they would pay off debt and 16 per cent would invest it, suggesting that money is an overriding concern.

This constant money worry results in stress and further weakens our immune system and relationships.

BUT THERE IS HOPE. Our company is a licensed, insured, debt free, incorporated business based right here in Canada. We are a Member of the Consumer Technology Association. We specialize in helping Seniors to live safe, secure lives using our proven products, and we provide a system for Seniors to make extra money.

This is not some Network Marketing scam and you can participate without buying anything or spending a dime if you don’t want to. Contact me, and let’s talk. We have solutions.

Robin Elliott


Author: robinjelliott

Marketing Director, AdXperts.com International entrepreneur since 1987 Author of 15 books robin@leverageadvantage.com Personal website: LeverageAdvantage.com My other Blog is RobinJElliott.com Ask me about an excellent business opportunity.

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