Do You Have Elderly Parents Living Alone?


You want your elderly parent or parents, who live alone, to be safe and secure. Perhaps they have a bit of dementia. You worry about them when you’re not with them. Driving across town to visit them and check up on them is not always easy. Are they taking their medication?

What if they wander and get lost, or fall and can’t get up? Are they alright? What if they need you and can’t remember your number, or don’t have their phone with them? We have solutions for you that are priceless, that will provide peace of mind and security.

Now you and your siblings can see them, speak with them, and hear them at them at any time on your smartphone or iPhone via cameras, night or day with our see-in-the-dark, plug and play, Wifi, cordless cameras with two-way voice/sound. Yes, instant peace of mind and contact with your loved ones. And you can set these cameras up yourself in mere minutes. We also have outside cameras available.

Your parent can also wear the waterproof, easy to use, The Guardian V10 Tracker / SOS / Fall Device so that, should they fall, it will send an instant text message with GPS coordinates, followed by a phone call to the first person you nominate. Should that person not answer, it will automatically notify the second person, and then the third person (or 911.) (Not a kid in a call center somewhere.)

If your parent falls, is afraid or in trouble, they could also push the SOS button on their device for instant, two-way communication with 911 or a person you nominate (the second person on your list).

And if your parent wanders or gets lost, and doesn’t push the SOS button, simply notify us and we will track them and send you a map and coordinates of where they are.

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