The Courage of the Elderly



If you’re not elderly, this information could be valuable to you in unexpected many ways. We see them every day – the fastest growing group of people in North America and beyond our borders – generally polite, quiet,well-dressed, humble, going about their lives – slowly. What we perhaps don’t see is the following:

The vast majority of seniors are suffering in some way. As we age, our bodies start to break down like old cars. Chronic or intermittent pain and illness are part of getting old. As is dependence on assistance from others, who are frequently reluctant to provide it. They are often bullied by other seniors, their adult children and grandchildren, and caregivers. The elderly live with vulnerability, fear, and problems with hearing, eyesight, mobility, and their teeth.

The aged are more vulnerable to muggers and burglars, many suffer from dementia, they get ripped off more often than younger people, they get lost and confused more easily, they have less energy and physical strength, and they are a lot more fearful of falling down. And money is a big problem as pensions and income don’t keep up with the cost of living and especially the cost of drugs and medical equipment.

Pharmaceutical companies and medical science is able to keep people alive for much longer than before, and more problems arise for seniors as they age. Loneliness, hospitalization, being ignored by the fast-moving world around them, not keeping up with the latest technology in an increasingly technological world, not being allowed to drive when they pass a certain stage… all these are problems that the elderly courageously face every day.

Yet they seldom complain. They bravely live their lives, trying to fit in, to be accepted, not to be a burden or get in the way of their busy relatives. Many ran large companies, held down responsible, well paying jobs, wrote books, lectured at colleges and universities, invented things, and produced a lot of value in their younger days. They raised their families and contributed, fought in wars, and built the world we now enjoy. Many are very well educated and wise. And they all have a huge amount of life experience and wisdom to share. How do I know all this about Seniors? It’s not from Google; I’m 63, and many of my friends and associates are older than I am.

How can this knowledge be valuable to you? Well, knowing old people can add immeasurable depth and guidance to the lives of younger people who understand that we can learn from others’ mistakes, fast track our success, and avoid costly blunders by learning from those who are more experienced than they are. Plus, there are many business opportunities latent in providing value, relief, and peace of mind to the elderly, their caregivers, and their adult children.

My company, IPS Safety Inc., is an example of a company that helps the elderly and those who care for them. Ask me how you can earn commissions from letting people know about our products.

Robin Elliott,  Director of Sales and Marketing, IPS Safety Inc.


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