Suffering Adult Children of Seniors


Today I heard the sad story of a man who had been caring for his wife, who had dementia, for years. Both were elderly, and eventually, the man had a heart attack and died from the stress and hard work. By that stage, his poor wife didn’t even know who he was anymore. Adult children often lose their freedom, their homes, their savings, and even their marriages in the process of caring for their aged parents.

In my own family, one family member who devoted her life up to the age of 55 to our parents, landed up in  a wheelchair with serious neurological problems mere weeks after the second parent died. She was as healthy as a horse right up until their deaths. This is the price that is being paid these days: a significant shortage of time and money and destructive ripple effects. And because of drug abusers, it is more difficult to obtain pain killers, so many seniors  have a pain filled future ahead of them, to be relieved only by marijuana in many cases, which can, of course, cause further psychological problems.

People are getting older and older with the help of modern drugs, and the drug companies rub their hands in glee. The downside is the cost to the adult children and spouses. And many seniors have nobody to help them and can’t afford care homes or helpers. They run out of money and end up selling their pain killers and other prescription drugs to junkies for money to buy food from Dollar Stores. I’m sure you have had experience of some of these sad effects of aging or know others who are suffering in like manner.

While there is no quick solution for seniors who live alone and the adult children whose lives are, in many cases, being ruined as a result of looking after their aged parents, who can’t be blamed, of course, there is a way to alleviate the pain for all concerned to some extent. My business partners and I started a company that provides devices and cameras to help seniors and their adult children to cope better, to enjoy more peace of mind, to alleviate their suffering, and to save money and time. We did a lot of research and invested a lot of time and money to find products that work well and are very easy to set up and use.

In addition, we created the opportunity for Seniors and their adult children to earn money by promoting our products by becoming salespeople or distributors. So everybody wins.

For more information, please visit our website and feel free to contact me directly after doing so. Please note our products are only available in North America.

Robin Elliott,  Director of Sales and Marketing, IPS Safety Inc.

1.604.785.2536 (Pacific Time – Vancouver , Canada)


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