Parents of Young Children


As a parent of young children, my greatest fear was that my child was abducted, lost, kidnapped – went missing. We know that children go missing in malls, they get stolen by strangers and sexual predators, they run away… And as parents, this is a huge worry. We live in a dangerous world. The statistics are terrifying.

How would you like to know that your child can be TRACKED when they go missing and that they can simply push a button (not on a cell phone) to call you, 911, or someone else? Waterproof, hardy, easy to use.

And we also provide cameras to keep an eye an ear open – from your smartphone – on what is going on at home while you’re at work? How is their caregiver REALY treating your children when you’re not around? With 2-way voice and infrared (see-in-the-dark) technology, you can see them and talk to them as though you were in the room.

You can also keep an eye on your pets and talk to them via a camera if they get up to mischief or bark too much!

Yes, you can monitor and interact with your children and pets and their caregivers and home cleaners from your smartphone. Easy to install, Wi-Fi, plug and play, latest technology indoor and outdoor cameras, with our full support and our personal help setting them up.

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