Make Real Money Helping Kids and Senior Citizens


New opportunity for those who want to earn extra money with no risk or cost and full support.

No cost to you, no Network Marketing, recruiting or selling: simply introduce our devices and cameras. You will be coached and trained and mentored at no cost. Create a residual income. We’ll show you exactly how to do it.

Because we know the best way to grow our business is through Leverage And Collaboration, we will work with our Goodwill Ambassadors.

The largest growing group of people in North America today is Senior Citizens. The “Senior Tsunami,” it has been called.  As Seniors ourselves we know what their challenges and problems are, as well as the challenges and problems of their adult children, and we have simple, proven solutions for them.

The other group of people that is at risk are children, and the same products apply to them. Our business is based in Canada and we serve the entire North America. Our products are not new or exclusive, so what makes us special? Why would people buy from us?

First, we market our products differently: instead of using expensive, flashy adverts that seldom reveal the true story, we work with real people – like you. So we only pay for results. We have very low overhead and no debt, and we work directly with manufacturers, so our costs are low and we carry that over to our customers and Goodwill Ambassadors.

Second, we know exactly what Seniors and their adult children and the parents of small children need, and we know how to help them use our products. We don’t use call centres or overcharge or lock our customers into expensive, risky contracts.

If you are accepted as one of our Goodwill Ambassadors, you will receive all the training, help, and support you need to introduce our products to a lot of people. We show you how to piggyback, leverage, and collaborate in order to reach more people without selling anything or recruiting anyone.

For more information, call me, Robin Elliott, between 9am and 5pm Monday through Friday, Pacific Time, at 1.604.945.5754, or email me at And please review our website:


Author: robinjelliott

Marketing Director, International entrepreneur since 1987 Author of 15 books Personal website: My other Blog is Ask me about an excellent business opportunity.

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