A Fire in Our Building Last Night


Last night, there was a fire in another part of our building. A pet cat died in the fire. Fortunately, we weren’t in trouble, but we had to evacuate for a good few hours. We only got home at midnight. HOW DID THE OTHER SENIORS SHAPE UP?

Those who are frail, one whose dementia is increasing at an alarming rate, and another who had dropped his essential medication (tablets) on the floor on his way out of the building and couldn’t go back to retrieve them, had a difficult time.

Let’s talk about our friend with dementia and the frail ones. When we managed to get hold of their relatives, those relatives were naturally concerned. Two of the Seniors couldn’t get to their phones and one of them couldn’t remember any phone numbers because of her stress. And when the Seniors returned to their apartments this morning, some of them are shaken up and nervous.

Two simple solutions: We provide cameras that have two-way voice and night vision. Relatives can see and hear what is going on in their beloved Senior’s home via their smartphones, and actually talk with them over the speaker in the camera! They can also see when all the lights are out. They can remind their loved ones what to do, calm them down, and provide instructions.

Seniors can use our little waterproof, mobile device that they carry around their neck to press an SOS button and talk directly with a loved one or 911. They don’t have to try to explain to someone in some “Call Centre” and it notifies people of their GPS coordinates – so they know exactly where they are, in real time, even when they are out of their homes.

We can also track them if they wander and get lost, or just to find out where they are. And their mobile devices have two-way voice capabilities, too, like a phone.

Loved ones could check up on their Senior relatives today via the cameras when they came home, today, too, and reassure them while making sure they’re OK.

More information on our website http://IPSSafety.com


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