SENIORS – How to Avoid More Medical Costs


As seniors, my wife and I experience the regularly rising costs of medication and all other forms of healthcare including dental, optical, surgery, X-rays, therapy, and more. Usually, Seniors have shrinking financial resources and burgeoning medical costs: not a recipe for peace of mind.

My wife’s hip replacement and knee problems were paid for by the government, however, we had to carry the costs of transporting her to doctors and surgeons, additional equipment like a wheelchair and a walker, physiotherapy, and so on. Fortunately, we had the money and I work from home and had the time to transport her, but we’re not all so fortunate. And we’re all waiting longer and longer for surgery.

In addition, because of drug addicts, less painkillers are available to us, even by doctor’s prescription, waiting times at general practitioners and for MRI’s get longer and longer. We paid for two MRI’s out of our own pocket to avoid the painful waits – well over a thousand dollars.

What to do?

Well, one thing we CAN do is to prevent falls, which lead to a lot of injuries and even to death. And when we do fall, we can summon help sooner. My wife’s friend was only rescued after lying on her bedroom floor for two days. This resulted in hospitalization (and she is a widow), and the doctor said that, had rescuers found her one day later, she would have been dead.

Another thing we can do is to find people with dementia quickly if they wander. Wandering Seniors with Alzheimers or dementia are often injured, mugged, fall, and even die.

At IP Safety Inc., we provide easy-to-use, proven devices to can help you do this. Visit our website or call us for more information.

Robin Elliott


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