The Sandwich Generation


I thought the tears streaming down her cheeks would drop into her tea. Susan told us she was part of the “Sandwich Generation” – sandwiched between caring for her young children and her looking after her aged parents. Her story went something like this:

“My husband and I both have to hold down full-time jobs to keep up with the cost of raising our young children and to supplement my parents’ income – like many others, their pensions simply can’t keep up with the rising cost of living and their medical expenses.

I worry about them all the time; my dad is in the first stages of dementia and I’m terrified that he will wander away and get lost, and my mom has fallen twice. The first time, she broke her hip! I spend more and more time driving to them to check up on them. 

“I worry about the caregivers I hire to help me look after my young children, too are they kind to them, do they ignore them when I’m not around? What if my kids get lost or abducted, or they need my help? They’re too young to have mobile phones.”

These are common problems for many of us today. Many seniors and young children are abused by their caregivers and falls are very common challenges among senior citizens.

IPSSafety provided the following optional Peace of Mind Solutions to this stressed, sad lady:

For her parents, we suggested they each use a Guardian V10 device. This easy to use, simple, GPS, waterproof, two-way voice device would enable her parents to contact her or 911 or another family member if they were in trouble, it would notify the same people if one of her parents fell, with their GPS coordinates, and if her dad did wander away, we would be able to track his whereabouts and find him before he got hurt, mugged, or even killed!

We also suggested three WIFI wireless cameras that she could use to check up on them on her cell phone, without having to drive to check up on them physically all the time.

For her children, we suggested the same Guardian V10 devices, and the infrared cameras would enable her to see and hear remotely and in real time how her children were being treated by their caregiver!

Then, we showed her how to earn money by recommending our services to others!

IPSSafety has all the solutions you need. Our motto is:

Certainty in a Sea of Insecurity




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