Old Age Brings Perspective


I should add, “for some,” because some people don’t seem to enjoy the capacity to evolve and mature. Having said that, wander through the malls, Dollar Stores, hospitals, Senior Care Homes, and graveyards and one tends to renew one’s perspective on what is important and what isn’t.

The amount of lonely Seniors living in pain, poverty, regret, and with ill health reminds us what we should regard as success. The new car, big house, corner office, and impressive title fade into insignificance in our later years. The benefits of being financially “comfortable” certainly count; one can “suffer in comfort”, afford the best medical attention – fast, travel, hire help and enjoy the best food and lodgings.

All our choices in life seem to culminate in old age. The consequences of a humble, decent, healthy, balanced, godly life of productivity, good choices, responsibility and discipline should be balanced against that of an unhealthy life of extremes, debauchery, selfishness, and pride long before we reach our autumn years. Suddenly, old age is upon us, when we will need as much support and help as we can get.

My uncle died of emphysema from his life of smoking, accompanied acute sadness and guilt at the loss of one of his sons because of my uncle’s neglect of that boy: both terrible consequences of his selfish, egocentric  choices. My neighbour enjoys the love of an adoring family, well deserved, because of her loving , generous nature, (not that this guarantees adoring offspring.)

We all make bad choices in life, and we can help future generations by sharing our experiences with them. I try to impart some of this to the thirteen-year-old boys in my Sunday School class in the hope that some of them may avoid some of my stupid mistakes.

Finally, we learn, in our dotage, that focusing on helping others alleviates our own pain, keeps us busy, gives provides us with relief and support, and potentially builds new friendships with like-minded people

At IPS Safety, our mission is helping Seniors to enjoy and safer life.

Robin Elliott  IPSSafety.com


Author: robinjelliott

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