Swimming Helps Prevent Falls!


An article by Aquamobile tells us that swimming helps prevent falls in Senior Citizens:

How Does Swimming Benefit Senior Citizens?

  • Improves heart health: As we age, our heart and cardiovascular system weakens, but swimming provides a boost to the heart that makes it stronger, larger and improves daily physical endurance. As an added bonus, swimming also reduces the risk of heart and lung disease.
  • Low impact on joints: Jogging and even walking are a strain on a senior’s joints. Swimming provides a sense of weightlessness that eases pressure off your hips, knees and spine, making it a workout that offers a healthy alternative for those suffering from arthritis and may ease discomfort.
  • Reduces risk of osteoporosis: This is especially of concern for elderly women who lose bone mineral density as they age and can lead to broken bones. In fact, one in three women over 50 and a fifth of men will suffer a bone fracture.
  • Increased flexibility: The low impact support of the water allows the body to move freely without obstruction especially in the hips, legs and neck, all of which are common sources of tightness for seniors.
  • Improves mental health: Swimming has been proven to reduce stress and increase endorphins, which brings a sense of joy. It also provides a social activity that makes exercise feel like less of a chore and gives seniors a reason to get out of the house.

Our lower body and core strength are key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle late into life, however many seniors are limited to the physical activity they can do regularly. What might be the most important benefit of swimming is the opportunity for a senior to overcome their fear of falling, while at the same time reducing discomfort from a previous fall. Swimming can also be invaluable to building a social life in your “golden years” with plenty of opportunities at your local pool or YMCA to meet others, while reducing risk of injury and social isolation, a reality that far too many seniors are facing.

It’s never too late to learn how to swim or brush up on your swimming skills!

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