Falls Are Serious and Costly for Seniors

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2004 - 2013, United States Unintentional Fall Death Rates per 100,000 All Races, Both Sexes, Ages 65+  Source: www.cdc.gov/injury/wisqars 2004: 41.15, 2005: 43.12, 2006: 44.8, 2007: 48.47, 2008: 50.91, 2009: 51.54, 2010: 53.76, 2011: 55.36, 2012: 56.07, 2013: 56.96

My wife’s friend fell in her apartment and couldn’t get up or reach her phone. Two days later, her friend realized that something was amiss and called the Emergency Services, who had to get in through the third floor window to rescue her. She was hospitalized for ten days, and the doctor said that one more day would have killed her.

My wife fell on the curb on her way to Aqua Fit.  She couldn’t get up! She didn’t have her phone with her. She had to wait until a caring passing motorist and his wife stopped and helped her.

  • One out of five falls causes a serious injury such as broken bones or a head injury.
  • Each year, 2.5 million older people are treated in emergency departments for fall injuries.
  • Over 700,000 patients a year are hospitalized because of a fall injury, most often because of a head injury or hip fracture.
  • Each year at least 250,000 older people are hospitalized for hip fractures.
  • More than 95% of hip fractures are caused by falling, usually by falling sideways.
  • Falls are the most common cause of traumatic brain injuries (TBI).
  • Adjusted for inflation, the direct medical costs for fall injuries are $34 billion annually. 

What Can Happen After a Fall?

Many falls do not cause injuries. But one out of five falls does cause a serious injury such as a broken bone or a head injury. These injuries can make it hard for a person to get around, do everyday activities, or live on their own.

  • Falls can cause broken bones, like wrist, arm, ankle, and hip fractures.
  • Falls can cause head injuries. These can be very serious, especially if the person is taking certain medicines (like blood thinners). An older person who falls and hits their head should see their doctor right away to make sure they don’t have a brain injury.
  • Many people who fall, even if they’re not injured, become afraid of falling. This fear may cause a person to cut down on their everyday activities. When a person is less active, they become weaker and this increases their chances of falling.

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Shocking Statistics About Seniors


From 2011 to 2016, Canadians aged 65 and older jumped to 16.9% of Canada’s population, exceeding the share of children who currently make up 16.6% of the population.


“A report released in 2010 – right now we have over half a million Canadians with Alzheimer’s or related dementia; we are diagnosing one new case every five minutes. By 2038 we will have well over a million people – we will be diagnosing a case every two minutes” Karen Henderson, Long Term Care Planning Network

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, 6 in 10 people with dementia will wander, and if not found within 24 hours, up to half will suffer serious injury or death. Due to Canada’s growing number of seniors, many of whom are afflicted with Alzheimer’s and dementia, wandering is increasing. Even in familiar places, a person with Alzheimer’s may not remember his or her name or address and can become disoriented. Wandering with dementia is dangerous,

In the US, three out of five people with dementia will wander. That’s an estimated 3 million people each year.

If found within twelve hours, 93% will survive, and if not found within 24 hours, up to half will suffer serious injury or death. Meaning 7% will not survive the ordeal. The longer they are missing the greater the chance of harm.


1 in 4 older Americans suffers from malnutrition. The percentage of older Americans facing the threat of hunger is rising, according to a new report released Wednesday by the National Foundation to End Senior Hunger. Of Americans age 60 and older, 15.3 percent, or 9.3 million, face the threat of hunger, defined as lacking access to safe, affordable food at all times. Food insecurity is associated with poor health outcomes among older people. Since the onset of the recession in 2007 until 2012, the latest year figures were available, the percentage of seniors experiencing the threat of hunger increased 28 percent. The number of Americans 60 and older during that period rose from 51.6 million to 60.4 million, or 17 percent.  Washington Post May 21, 2014

Startling Elder Abuse Stats

Perpetrators of Emotional Abuse of Elders

25% Acquaintances

25% Partners/Spouses

19% Children/Grandchildren

13% Other Relatives

9% Strangers

9% Refused to Answer


Neglect 58.5%

Physical Abuse 15.7%

Financial Exploitation 12.3%

Emotional Abuse 7.3%

Sexual Abuse .04%

All Other Types 5.1%


  • A recent study that was sponsored by the US Government found that 30% of nursing homes in the country were cited for at least one instance of abuse in a two year period.
  • There were almost 9,000 total instances of abuse that were documented, including untreated bedsores, dehydration, and accidents that could have been prevented.
  • Nearly 20% of the abuse incidents that were reported were serious enough to place elderly residents in immediate jeopardy of serious injury or death.
  • By 2050, the number of people who are age 65 or older is expected to make up at least 20% of the total US population.
  • More than 40% of nursing home residents have reported abuse, and more than 90% report that they or another resident of the facility have been neglected.
  • Nearly 10% of homes that had violations posed a risk of serious injury or death, or that did cause deaths of elderly residents.FALLS:

The risk of falling increases with age. As we age our balance can become an issue.

Elderly women are more likely to fall than men.

When an older person falls, their hospital stay is more likely to be twice as long as an elderly person admitted for a different reason.

One-third of all people over the age of 65 will have an injury due to a fall, and two-thirds of those who do will fall again within 6 months of the first.

For those over 65, an injury from a fall is the leading cause of death. About 9,500 elderly people die from injuries due to falls each year.

That hip injury that Grandma got from her fall? If she is 65-69, she is one of 200 who did, and 1 in ten if she is over 85. A quarter of those who do break a hip from a fall will die within 6 months of the fall.

The biggest effect of that fall and injury is a loss of independence for seniors. That in and of itself can be what leads to death. Depression and lack of will to go on if they have to be less independent or worse, institutionalized, can lead some to give up.

One out of seven people over the age of 65 need in-home care. Nearly 40% of those over the age of 85 need some form of Senior Care.

Approximately 5.1 million American elders over 65 have some kind dementia. One 2009 study revealed that close to 50% of the people with dementia experience some kind of abuse.

Robin Elliott  IPS Safety Inc. – Solutions for Senior Safety

If You’re a Senior and Worried About Your Financial Future…


If you’re at least 45 years old and concerned about your financial future in a world of rising costs, this could be what you’ve been looking for, regardless of your age, background, experience or education. After 45, it’s hard to get a job that pays well. We have less energy, and we don’t want pressure. But we need something that will help us financially.

And we are too smart to fall for the old stock market/mutual funds/quick buck/MLM schemes. Once bitten, twice shy. We look for something that provides real solutions with real products, and ideally, we like products that will help other Seniors. Because we are familiar with the challenges they face.

Our company cares deeply about the safety and security of Seniors. As Seniors ourselves, we are painfully aware of the increasing incidents of Elder Abuse, as well as the health and money dilemmas and other challenges that many Seniors are facing.

Seniors are more patient, experienced, hard working, and disciplined than most younger people today, we are able to follow instructions and innovate, and we’re not easily intimidated or awed by “important” people. And that is the reason why our company, IPS Safety Inc., is looking to recruit more Seniors as Distributors of our products. We’re a Canadian company serving Canada and the United States.

Most people are not salespeople, and this opportunity is designed to take that into consideration. This is a unique chance, carefully designed to custom fit your particular needs, resources, budget, timetable, experience, personality, and skills.

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A Senior’s Cure for Loneliness and Sadness

20170727_111748 (3)

Many people, especially the elderly, are lonely. Some actually visit their hairdresser and have their hair done just to have someone to talk to (many of the hairdressers I trained to sell told me this), or they will corner someone in the supermarket or post office to talk “at” them. And have you ever heard the tired, sad utterances of single women who “need a man” because they’re so lonely? Talk about setting yourself up for disappointment – what a price to pay! What a risk to take. And some of the loneliest people are married. What to do?

My mom was in the hospital and constantly surrounded by visitors and well-wishers. There was a woman in the bed next to hers, and I chatted with her. She complained that it was “unfair” that my mom had so many visitors, while she had none. I asked her what her lifestyle was. She had a cat and pretty much kept to herself, she said. So I told her about my mom: Although money was tight, my mom regularly visited people in the hospital, gave avocado pears to poor people, had poor people who were visiting their loved ones in hospital stay in her home for free. These visitors she received were merely reciprocating.

Here are eight useful pointers:

  1. Join a group of senior citizens who go on local tours and outings, usually arranged by Seniors’ Centres and usually quite affordable. Take a class with other seniors.
  2. Ladies can join the Red Hatters and men can join a Masonic Lodge. Join a church, volunteer to work in a hospital Thrift Store, visit people in the hospital. Be a friend to have a friend. Join a band! Teach a young person to fix his car.
  3. Don’t rely on your adult children. Many, for various reasons, will not want a relationship with you, may be influenced by their spouses, or may simply be selfish and uncaring. With no expectations, you won’t be disappointed.Create your life – don’t wait for others to do so.
  4. Be a good neighbour, walk someone’s dog, be friendly, teach your neighbour to bake a cake or arrange flowers. Associate with positive, optimistic people.
  5. Be a good friend to yourself; you’re born alone and you will die alone, and we need to come to terms with ourselves, to forgive ourselves, to accept and like ourselves, to find things that we are proud of.
  6. Read Dale Carnegie’s amazing book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” It has some excellent ideas and truths.
  7. Get a dog. Many elderly people tell me that the companionship, the unconditional love they enjoy from their pets, is a great boost to their mood and that they feel that no person could do more.
  8. Start your own business. You’ll be amazed how much you can learn, how many wonderful people you can meet in that way. But don’t risk more money than you can afford to lose.

WARNING: Reminiscing, thinking about the past, reading old letters, looking through old photo albums, can make one sad. Plan for your day, your week, next week, your future. Get busy. Set goals. When we focus on helping others, even in a small way, we forget our aches and pains and sorrows more easily. I have suffered from depression all my life (I am now thankfully on medication that takes care of it) – I know whereof I speak.

Robin Elliott


Financial Preparation for the Rest of Your Life


No matter how old you are, what is the best thing you can do to create a regular stream of reliable income by providing an essential need to the largest, growing market in the world? Without getting enmeshed in Network Marketing, or relying on your own selling and work abilities?

As we get older, our energy and available financial resources dissipate. And we tend to need more money for things we didn’t think we would need, especially in the area of home living assistance, medication, dental and optometry, and medical equipment. And it all costs more and more money, doesn’t it?

Here is a solution. We have designed a business that provides our Distributors with a way to create growing financial income without personal sales or business skills.

We provide everything you need. You can automate your Distributorship, and maintain it easily with just a few phone calls a week.

You can go on holiday. If you’re in hospital or away, your business can keep running and growing.

Be a part of this company that provides electronic safety equipment (surveillance cameras, fall- and tracking devices, etc., to the fast-growing Seniors market in the US and Canada. Join our other successful, happy Distributors.


Affordable Business Serving Seniors:  the largest, fastest growing, most profitable market!

Choose your own Territory +- 250,000 people for only $25,000

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We do all sales, deliveries, inventory, warranties, purchases, customer care, salespeople recruiting and training

Only 3 Duties of Distributors:

Advertise our products online

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Deliveries, inventory, warranties, purchases, customer care, commission payments to salespeople

Coaching, supporting, and training you

You will Earn 50% of the Company Profit for your Territory, PLUS commissions on any sales you personally choose to make via the Internet or in person anywhere in North America

We are an Incorporated, Registered, Insured Canadian Company based in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada at 12194 86th Avenue, Surrey, BC. service Canada and the United States. 

 We are a Member of the Consumer Technology association and the Surrey Board of Trade.

IPS Safety Inc. was created in response to the massive, growing need for camera surveillance, the care and protection of Seniors and the more vulnerable among us, and addressing the problem of cost and intricacy regarding electronic surveillance and tracking. We source our products direct from trusted manufacturers.

What sets us apart?

By providing video support and telephone support to customers, we have overcome the problems customers often have to deal with when dealing with translated Chinese instructions and the lack of technical support available from large companies, many alarm companies, big-box stores, and online sales.

Customers can start using our products within minutes – no installation required, no laborers tramping through your home or business, no contacts to sign.

Easily affordable.

We provide our physical address and telephone numbers; we’re not hidden on the Internet or anonymous.

Plus, we source our products directly from the manufacturers, thereby keeping costs low.

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IPS Safety Inc. Distributorships Now Available in Canada and the United States

An Instant, Automated, Done-for-You Business for only $25,000

One time payment. To maintain your Distributorship after a year, you only require $500 in total monthly sales for your entire territory.

No inventory, shipping, or finances. All sales take place from our website and they are tracked by Salesperson Discount Codes and Postal Codes/Zip Codes.

Work from home or an office.

No warranties or insurance or licensing required for Distributors – we carry it all.

No salaries to pay. We take care of everything for our Distributors.

Use our website and marketing material. All purchases and tracking, all payments go through the company website, which the company maintains.

You get free training, guidance, and coaching. We help you recruit and train your salespeople, who work on commission only. You advertise for salespeople in your territory, they respond to us, we recruit them for you.

We provide telephone support to our customers

We continually grow our product line. Each product line is subject to exhaustive testing before we add it to our offering.

Our customers easily and quickly set up their own equipment – no installation is necessary.
Distributors receive a territory of around 250,000 people for a one-time investment of $25,000. Salespeople, as well as the Distributor himself, can sell anywhere in North America.

How Are Sales and Income Tracked?

Each is provided with a unique Discount Code. Salespeople and Distributors provide customers with their Discount Code which the customers use to on our website to earn a 5% discount when purchasing our products. All sales are tracked via these Discount Codes in order to pay 15% of all sales in commissions to each salesperson and Distributor making those sales.

Income Calculation: In addition to individual sales commissions, Distributors are paid fifty percent (50%) of the company profit derived from their territory. We use postal codes or zip codes to track all sales to calculate monthly Distributor payouts for their territories.

We create all the marketing materials and Distributors pay to advertise for salespeople in their territories. We maintain and upgrade our website. We assist in the recruiting of those salespeople – each one signs a contract with IPS Safety Inc. – and we assist in the regular, weekly training of these salespeople via Skype or on the phone, as well training and coaching our Distributors.

Our marketing strength is in leverage and collaboration. We have no marketing budget – instead, we pay generous commissions and keep our prices reasonable.

In addition to their sales and Distributor income, our Distributors earn extra residual income from our incentive program which Salespeople use to obtain appointments, referrals, and access to potential customers.

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A Truly Hassel-Free, Proven Business Model

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No Inventory purchase requirements

No production requirements (except after one year, and then only $500 per month in gross sales per Territory)

No website maintenance

No leases

No salaries to pay

No financials, purchases, collections, or commissions to pay

No training or coaching or managing of Salespeople (except corralling them once a week for their Skype training)

No recruiting (you simply advertising, we recruit your salespeople)

No meetings to attend, work from home

No Network Marketing (MLM)

Who we are:

Ken Chahal and Robin Elliott are equal owner/partners of this company

Call Robin Elliott at IPS Safety Inc. now for more information and no-pressure, no-commitment interview: 604.785.2536 (Pacific Time)


Is Someone Abusing Your Elderly Parent?


Many seniors suffer from abuse and neglect, sometimes from caregivers or family members. Abuse can take the form physical, sexual, emotional, financial, or spiritual abuse.

The abuser can be a spouse, partner, relative, a friend or neighbor, a volunteer worker, a paid worker, practitioner, solicitor, or any other individual with the evil intent to deprive a vulnerable person of their resources, or merely to bully them into submission, especially in the case of those with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

As the elderly become more physically frail, they’re less able to stand up to bullying and or fight back if attacked. They may not see or hear as well or think as clearly as they used to, leaving openings for unscrupulous and cruel people to take advantage of them. And sometimes the elderly can’t explain what is happening to them – often on a regular basis!

We know that neglect and self-neglect are also forms of abuse. Self-neglect happens when a senior lives in a way that puts his or her own health, safety, or well-being at risk.

The health consequences of elder abuse can be serious. Elder abuse can destroy an elderly person’s quality of life in the following ways:

  • Declining functional abilities
  • Withdrawal
  • Increased dependency
  • An increased sense of helplessness
  • Increased stress
  • Worsening psychological decline
  • Premature mortality and morbidity
  • Depression and dementia
  • Malnutrition
  • Bed sores
  • Death

How can you stop this? How can you know it is happening? How can you prove it? IPS Safety Inc. supplies caring friends and relatives of the elderly with a digital clock that incorporates a hidden camera. It’s quick to set, dependable, up and easy to use. And nobody will suspect this innocent clock of containing a camera!

The V26 Silent Witness Clock With Hidden Video Camera comes with a 32 gig SD Card included.

No WiFi is required, and it records up to a week with Automatic Motion.

It’s a small clock: 4.08 inches x 2.3 inches. It tells time, date and temperature.

Use a USB cord (included) to provide power or utilize the rechargeable battery (included).

Full operating instructions are included. One year warranty. Telephone support.

Receive a US$200.00 USD worldwide Hotel Discount Card and 1 Year warranty included with this purchase.

IPS Safety Inc. – Providing Certainty for Seniors in a Sea of Insecurity